Electric Kick Scooter rentals

Rent an Electric Scooter in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and enjoy easily the newest trend in urban mobility! Our Xiaomi MI365 electric kick Scooters provide a maximum speed of 25 km/h and arround 20 to 30 kilometers of reach with a full charged battery. Discover old town or Santa Catalina and Canteras beach area by e-Scooter!

black Xiaomi Mi eScooter for rent
Xiaomi Mi electric Kick Scooter for rent in Las Palmas
Rental prices per hour / per dayXIAOMI PRO2 (Battery 12800 mAh)GDV SantaCruz (Battery 15000 mAh)
1 hour:6 €7 €
2 hours:5 €6 €
4 hours:4 €5 €
24 hours with charger17 €19 €
2 days with charger15 €17 €
3 days with charger14 €16 €
5 days with charger13 €14 €
7 days with charger12 €13 €
14 days with charger9 €10 €
damage deposit80 €80 €

Important: The use of electric kick Scooters in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria restricted similar to the use of bicycles. You have to comply with the common traffic rules, cannot drive on the pavement and cannot limit pedestrians in their movement. The electric scooter is restricted for one single person. The driver/renter is fully responsible for any accident, damages and theft during his rentals duration.