Honda NC750X motorbike rental in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Rent a Honda NC 750 X motorcycle to start your discovery tour into Gran Canarias impressive scenery. The Honda NC 750 X is as most Honda-Bikes a very well and thoughtful engineered bike – famous for its built quality, practicality, efficiency and dependability. The 750cc twin engine reaches its maximum torque of 68 Nm yet with 4800 rpm and allows a very relaxed driving style with less gear shifting then on many other motorbikes – even with a pillion rider the NC750 accelerates still very well. Very practically the dummy tank with space for a full face helmet, while the real fuel tank is under the seat bench. This motorcyclecle’s rental price for one day is only 66 € including the helmets. The minimum rental is 1 day (24 hours), you can start each desired hour within our opening hours 09h00 – 20h00.

Honda NC750X motorcycle for rent:

With its maximum torque at low revolutions and its low center of gravity this motorbike is very enjoyable on twisty roads. Its relatively long wheelbase is responsible for stability on the road and impassivity against crosswinds. The 745cc engine is a low consumer and can be driven realistically with arround 4 liters for 100 kilometers. The flash tank with space for one full face helmet is very practical. Our Honda NC750 X rental bike is equipped with a rear top case with space for two helmets. The helmets are included in the rental price.
blue Honda NC750X Motorbike rental in Las Palmas
Engine745cc, liquid-cooled parallel twin cylinder with 40 kw and 68Nm@4750rpm
suspensionFront: 41mm diameter conventional telescopic fork front with 150mm suspension. Rear: Pro-Link with single spring/damper unit, spring pre-load adjustment rear
seat height870mm/850mm
Fuel capacity17,5 litres
Weight220 kg
driver license A
one day rental (24h)66 €/day
2 rental days62 €/day
3 rental days58 €/day
5 rental days54 €/day
7 rental days50 €/day
14 rental days46 €/day

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