SCOOTER rental in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Especially the 125cc scooter rental is the most asked product in our Rental Bike Station Las Palmas 24. In Spain the normal car driver license “B” qualifies to drive a Scooter or Motorcycle up to 125cc and 15 hp, when acquired 3 years or longer in the past. Thatswhy more and more drivers decide to rent a Scooter instead of a car because the trouble free parking on hundreds of free motorcycle parking spaces in the city is a huge advance. Furthermore the weather is almost favorable for biking and makes each drive on the island a pleasure.

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Honda PCX 125 Scooter Rental

The Honda PCX 125 is within the last years one of the worlds best selling scooters and that is caused in its unique mix of positive qualities. Our Honda PCX rental scooters are good-looking, comfortable, easy maneuverable and despite of its low fuel consume of only 2,2 l per 1000 km offering a market leading strong torque of 12 Nm at only 5000 rpm and 8,5 kW motor power. Strong enough to ride fast on the highway or to climb up to the top of the Gran Canaria mountains. Our Honda PCX 125cc rental scooters are equipped with a rear top case with space for an extra helmet and with a mobile phone holder. 2 jet helmets are included in the rental price.
black Honda PCX scooter for rent in Las Palmas
Engine125cc, liquid-cooled with 8,5 kw and 12Nm@5000rpm
suspensionFront: conventional telescopic fork front, Rear: unit swingarm rear
seat height760 mm
Fuel capacity8,0 litres
Weight130 kg
driver license A1, A2, A, B (min. 3 years)
Rental Scooter Honda PCXMod. 21/22Mod. 22/23
one day rental (24h)29 €/day32 €/day
2 rental days27 €/day30 €/day
3-5 rental days25 €/day28 €/day
6-9 rental days23 €/day26 €/day
10-14 days22 €/day25 €/day
more than 15 days21 €/day24 €/day

Honda SH300i Scooter rental

Our brandnew Honda Scooter SH300i is a strong alternative for all scooter-lovers having a moto driving license A2 or A: withs its powerfull 25 hp motor and >140km/h top speed the Honda SH300i has enough power even for the steepest climbs with a passengers and allows efficiently overtasking of vans on the motorway. Its handling has been often characterized as "foolproof" – in each case an appropriate motor scooter even for novices.
With its modern liquid cooled fuel injection motor and a fuel consumption of only 3 liters of regular gasoline per 100 km the maximum reach with its 9 liter deposit is about 300km, more than enough for a full day island tour.
Our rental prices include helmets and top case without supplement.
Scooter Honda SH300i rental in Las Palmas
Motor280ccm Flüssiggekühlt mit 19 kw Leistung und 25,5 Nm bei 5000 U/min
Seat height805 mm
Tank9,0 liters
Weight169 kg
Driver License requiredA2, A
One day rental (24h)39 €/day
2 day scooter rental35 €/day
3 day scooter rental32 €/day
5 day scooter rental29 €/day
7 day scooter rental27 €/day
14 day scooter rental25 €/day