Road Bike Routes

Without knowing the fitness of a cyclist, it is somewhat difficult to recommend really suitable routes. For less trained riders, 50 kilometres of route and 500 metres of altitude should be manageable. Intermediate riders are more likely to be able to do 1000 – 1500 metres of altitude and 75 kilometres. For well trained road cyclists, the Pico de las Nieves, with an altitude of almost 2000 metres, is usually a desirable destination. If you still want more, after climbing Pico de Las Nieves you can do a loop via Artenara, La Aldea de San Nicolas and the west coast. Then – depending on the route – more than 3000 metres and over 120 km of distance have to be covered.

We always publish our recommended tours especially for mountain bikes or especially for road bikes on our Komoot account “Bikestation Las Palmas 24”. With the help of the popular and widely used Komoot app on your smartphone, you can then easily follow these routes. We are also happy to send you GPX files if you would like to load the tours into your Garmin or another Navigation device.