Terms & Conditions for Bicycle Rental

Rental contract between Bike Station Las Palmas, 29 Transfer concept SL, as lessor and the lessee listed on the main page of the contract. With the handout of the bicycle the lessee recognizes following rental conditions:

  • The rented vehicle, accessories and additional equipment are in good technical condition when given to the lessee and must be returned to the lessor at the expiry of this contract in the same good condition. Existing defects or shortcomings have to be reported immediately, in any case not later than 30 minutes after handout.
  • The use the bicycles and all possible damages related to the use are always under the own responsibility of the lessee. It exists no legal obligation for the lessor to insure any damages caused by the lessee, being accidents, theft, loss or regular or irregular use.
  • To take the bicycle to the beach and in the sand is strictly forbidden for all our bicycles, also for mountainbikes. Riding through seawater or even washing the bike with seawater is strongly forbidden because it causes an elaborate disassembly and cleaning process with a minimum cost of 80 € per bicycle.
  • The use outside of official ways and roads is only allowed for mountainbikes rented out explicitly under the tariff „mountainbike“ and including a cleaning fee. Appropriate and common use never includes any damages on a bicycle, also not on a mountainbike.
  • Flat tires caused by punctures or cuts are the result of the specific routing of the user. We reserve us the right to charge for the repair the cost for working time and spare parts.
  • In case of loss or theft the lessee is liable for all bicycles listed on his contract, even if the bicycles had been locked, enclosed or guarded. Any damages or injuries which shall occur by or to the rented vehicle, and also which cannot be clearly attributed to the responsibility of a particular party shall be charged to the lessee’s account.
  • Fines arising from use or parking violations are also under responsibility of the lessee. The wearing of a helmet on public roads outside the city is obligatory!
  • To extent this contract the lessee need the permission of the lessor. The lessor can charge an increased hiring rate of up to 100 % to the lease price if the extension of the contract was not confirmed. If the lessee returns the bicycle earlier than he has it contracted, the lessor can keep the hire charges for the remaining days.
  • The lessee declares itself to be consent and to be financially able to pay possible damages. In case of total loss or damage the lessee recognizes the damage amount corresponding to our published salvage value listing.