Reservations for short-term rentals (1 or 2 days) can only be made the evening before (5-7 PM). Only those bicycles or motorcycles that are actually present at our station and ready to ride at the time of reservation can be reserved.

Reservations for longer rental periods can be made further in advance. However, we generally do not offer binding reservations with the right to compensation claims in case of no availability. For example, it may only become apparent at the time of handover that the renter does not meet the rental conditions (missing driver’s license proof or identity proof, risk of improper use, etc.). Furthermore, in exceptional cases, our vehicles may unexpectedly become unavailable, e.g., due to recent accidents, damages from misuse, or theft. There is generally no compensation claim possible if a reserved vehicle is unexpectedly unavailable.

Please send us your reservation request by email.
For bicycles, be sure to specify the desired frame size or your height.
For motorcycles, we assume that you will present a valid driver’s license in its original form (no pictures/copies/apps) at the start of the rental, and if you are renting a 125cc motorcycle with a car driver’s license, that you already have riding experience.